About the projects

Welcome to our WW1 music making in Manchester project website!

This site is populated with content from two projects, both focusing on material in the partner archives to do with WW1 and music making in Manchester.

Project 1

The first was a collaborative effort between professionals and volunteers of the Royal Northern College of Music Archives and Research departments, the Hallé Concert Society Archives and the Henry Watson Music Library.

Together we collaboratively explored, through research in our archives, what effects the First World War had on music performance in Manchester.


That project was funded by Everyday Lives In War, one of the AHRC’s First World War Public Engagement Centres. It ran from March-December 2016.

Project 2

This project was formed off the back of Project 1. This focused on outreach and getting the collections and stories found on P1 accessible.

Digitisation with Manchester Digital Music Archive and History Pin and workshops were the weapons of choice with funding from the generous Heritage Lottery Fund.

Autumn 2017 was chosen for this project.

What next?

Not sure! If there is more we can do, we would love to continue.

Have a suggestion? Get in touch!




This project has been made possible thanks to National Lottery players and the Heritage Lottery Fund.





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