A Call For Bandsmen

From the Manchester Guardian, 18 October, 1915 

A Call For Bandsmen

A military band for the 3/8th Manchester Battalion Regiment, stationed at Southport, is in the course of formation, and bandsmen are required.

The band of the 2/8th Manchesters is also in need of a flautist. Applications are to be made to Captain Higham, officer commanding the depot of the 8th Manchesters at Ardwick Green.

Dr Stephen Etheridge

2 thoughts on “A Call For Bandsmen

  1. On 15 June 1915 the band of 3/8th Manchesters were involved in the memorial service at Manchester Cathedral for those of 1/8th Manchesters killed at the 3rd Battle of Krithia on Gallipoli earlier in month. Newspaper references in my blog post on my grandfather’s cousin who was one of those killed https://halfmuffled.wordpress.com/2015/08/13/a-manchester-accountant-on-gallipoli-john-william-womersley-1884-1915/ it seems 3/8th were back in Manchester by then

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