RMCM WW1 student registers online at MDMA

If you haven’t been to the Manchester District Music Archive website, then you must absolutely nip over. Share some of your Manchester music history whilst you’re there and you should definitely have a look at the RNCM Archive’s account. In fact, there’s one particular online exhibition that may interest you…

To explain: On display at the moment in Manchester Central Library’s beautiful Wolfson Reading Room is the Royal Manchester College of Music’s student registry for WW1. It’s open at a very particular page as every student on that page was a member of the war effort and received government grants to study music after the war.

That’s not the only story that our registers tell, though. We have stories of women, men, boys, girls, violinists, pianists, singers, organists, brass players, timpanists, locals, foreigners, siblings, neighbours and more. All of their names and some key information is contained within these registers.

So, last year for Explore Your Archives 2015, I popped images of all the WW1 pages online, uploading them onto the MDMA website. Have a look!

The register entries are over two pages so each entry has two images. Click on the image to pop it up and click it again to make it bigger and then AGAIN to make it full size.

Explore the handwriting, addresses, names, ages, instruments and stories of over 360 of our past students. Remember, if the Responsible Person/Parent column contains either Department of Education, War Pensions Committee or Ministry of Labour, that student is an ex-serviceman/woman with a grant to study music post-WW1.

Can you find the only female recipient of such a grant?

(I apologise for the shaky quality of some, that is totally my fault!)




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