Exhibitions and more!

We have our project exhibition up and running in the beautiful Wolfson Reading Room at Central Library. Do nip in and see what we’ve been working with. We have items from the RNCM, the Hallé and the Henry Watson Music Library on display. If you see something that interests you and would like to know more, just get in touch with us! We’d be more than happy to have a chat.

That’s not all we’ve got in store, though.

We have a few wonderful opportunities to meet you all and share what we’ve been doing.

Bringing In Day

For instance, on 21 July at Central Library, we are having a “Bringing In Day”. From 10-4 that day you can drop in, meet us and tell us your stories of music in WW1. Any family gems or legends? Anything you’ve read? Perhaps you even have some items that you’d like to show us. We would love to meet with you. Pop in and have a chat!

Exhibition #2: Your contributions!

You may even be able to contribute to the next round of our project exhibition. In August, the exhibition at Central Library will be coming down and moved into the RNCM. We would like for you to contribute! If you have any items of WW1 music memorabilia or archives we can display them for you in our temporary project exhibition. Do get in touch to find out more and pop along to the Bringing In Day on the 21 July if you can.


The RNCM have a few performances lined up which aren’t set in stone yet but I will keep you updated. However, I can tell you that we will be having a WW1 concert on 23 November at the RNCM. We are so excited!  Within the programme for the performance we will include some short talks and explanations of why these certain pieces are being performed and the kinds of things we’ve learned. Watch this space for more details on that.


We’re talking with the Manchester Centre for Regional History at the moment, hoping to be able to contribute an article or two to their wonderful publication, the Manchester Region History Review. We may even be able to do a talk on our findings, too. Keep an eye on this blog for more info and of course you can always get in touch if you would like any more information.

Contact Heather Roberts heather.roberts@rncm.ac.uk    0161 907 5211



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